Latest Images from Space

View the latest images captured by the International Space Station Agriculture Camera (ISSAC), utilizing FluxData FD-1665 Multispectral Camera.

FluxData Introduces SWIR InGaAs Multi-Spectral Camera

FluxData's new camera incorporates three indium gallium arsenide sensors to simultaneously capture sub-pixel aligned video through a single aperture lens

Agricultural Imaging

Multispectral imaging systems provide critical and timely data, enable maximal production, and ensure crop safety.

Tactical Imaging Solutions

FluxData has extensive experience designing and manufacuturing small, low-power covert and tactical imaging systems.

FluxData FD-1665 Camera on board International Space Station

International Space Station Agricultural Camera (ISSAC) goes LIVE!




Update June 12, 2017: FluxData's FD-1665 Used to Assess Rheumatoid Flare


FluxData’s FD-1665 was used to quantify lymphatic flow in the upper extremity. The role of lympthatics in RA can now be examined with the advent of in-vivo imaging modalities that quantify lymphatic flow and contraction frequency.

About Multispectral Cameras

The FluxData FD-1665 series of 3CCD cameras provide the advantages of three discretely controllable sensors and a single common lens.

Select from pre-configured 7, 5, or 3 spectral band cameras or work with us to configure a custom system to meet your needs.

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