Using selective wavelength bands or polarization techniques, our multispectral imaging systems can cut through fog, smoke, or glare to deliver the information needed by law enforcement. Our IR systems can be your eyes in the dark, or monitor dangerous situations without risk to your personnel. On the commercial side, traffic monitoring gathers data for many applications such as predicting optimized routes, counting vehicle types and behavior, or determining weather conditions.

These complex and varied problems require equally creative solutions. The possibilities enabled by multispectral imaging systems can address such diverse applications as:

  • Monitor weather conditions (including ice detection)
  • Infrastructure status (road surface, bridge condition, etc)
  • Pedestrian detection
  • License plate identification
  • Vehicle tracking
  • Vehicular emissions monitoring
  • Optimization of public transit routes
  • Onboard vehicle imaging (accident avoidance, driver status)
  • Toll collection

Law enforcement brings other special applications of multispectral imaging. These include:

  • Forensics, tissue identification, chemical analyses
  • Tracking of individuals or groups
  • Biometric identification
  • Materials identification for drug enforcement

Many of these applications can take place via remote systems, operating independently and recording or transmitting imagery. These applications also closely address many defense and security needs. 

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