Our imaging experts have first-hand experience in premier academic research facilities. We leverage this experience in multiple ways to directly benefit the academic researcher.

Using selective wavelength bands or polarization techniques, our multispectral imaging systems can cut through fog, smoke, or glare to deliver the information needed by law enforcement.

Our multispectral imaging systems provide critical and timely data, thereby enabling maximal production and safety - maintaining high yields as well as ensuring the safety of the crop.

Our systems allow for the accurate detection of pollutants and contaminants - a critical part of maintaining control of many complex industrial processes.

Our technology allows for the selection of foods based on ripeness, sorting for size and shape, or anything that can be determined by the surface or subsurface composition of your products.

Our imaging systems can verify the orientation or placement of your product, count or sort diverse items, or perform a final inspection before shipping to your customer.

Our custom designed imaging systems will show you the details needed to determine the presence of specific skin or tissue indications, or other diseases or conditions.

Unmanned vehicles are in the news every week. Multispectral imaging increases the accuracy of input to the control algorithms of unmanned vehicles.