The FD-1665-MS7 Seven Channel Camera

FluxData offers a series of 3CCD multi-spectral cameras ranging in resolution from VGA up to 2MP. Users can select from FluxData’s pre-configure 3,  5 or 7 channel RGB/NIR camera or configure a 3CCD camera with custom specified filters. A 3CCD multispectral camera provides the advantage of 3 unique imaging sensors with a single lens system.

The FD-1665-MS7 Seven Channel Camera

The preconfigured FD-1665-MS7 provides two color sensors with the second sensor having the RGB shifted. The combination of the two color imaging arrays provide for superior spectral color imaging. The third channel senses the Near Infrared Region (NIR) from 700-1000 nm.  Below is a representation of the FluxData patented 7 Channel camera response after spectral corrections.


  • Choice of 7 sensor resolution and frame rates
  • Custom multi-sensor configurations, Color (Bayer) and Mono
  • Custom filter options
  • Polarization camera configuration 0 degree, 45 degree, 90 degree or custom polarization option
  • Standard F-Mount or T-Mount Lens, 14mm - 1500mm lens options
  • Choice of 1394b Firewire or GigE connectivity, no need for a framegrabber
  • Software Development Kit(SDK) and Viewer/Acquisition application
  • Compact and rugged enclosure

FD-1665 Camera Specifications

Image Device See Table1
Image device See Table 1
Sensor size See Table 1
Pixel size See Table 1
Frame rate See Table 1
Image Data Format Y8, Y16 (all models), RGB, YUV411, YUV422, YUV444, 8-bit and 16-bit raw Bayer data (color models)
Video Data Output 8,12,16 and 24 bit digital data
Digital Interface 3 x IEEE-1394b (9 pin) or 3 x GigE
Lens Mount Nikon F-Mount or T-Mount
Electronic Shutter Automatic / manual / one-push modes, programmable via software 0.02ms to greater than 10s
Gain Selection 0dB to 24dB in 0.04dB increments;
General Purpose I/O Ports 12-pin Hirose GPIO connector
Operating Temperature 0-40 C
Voltage Requirments 8-32V, via the IEEE-1394b interface or Hirose 12-pin GPIO connector
Power Consumption 3.5 W per channel;
Weight 1.25 kg (without lens)

Table 1: FD-1665 Multi-Sensor Options

Sensor Type Sensor Size (HxV pixels) Sensor Technology Optical Size Pixel Size (microns) Max Frame Rate (at full resolution)
Sony ICX424 659x494 Progressive Scan CCD 1/3" 7.4x7.4 71
Micron MT9V022 752x480 Progressive Scan CMOS 1/3" 6.0x6.0 60
Sony ICX204 1034 x 779 Progressive Scan CCD 1/3" 4.65x4.65 20/30
Sony ICX445 1296x966 Progressive Scan CCD 1/3" 3.75x3.75 32
Sony ICX285 1392x1040 Progressive Scan CCD 2/3" 6.45x6.45 17/30
Sony ICX274 1628x1236 Progressive Scan CCD 1/1.8" 4.4x4.4 14
SUI SWIR 640 x 512 Progressive Scan CCD 2/3" 12.5x12.5 30



Independent Control

The 3 independent Gigabit Ethernet (GigE) or 1394 Firewire B outputs allow for independent control of exposure, gain and read out for maintaining a consistent signal-to-noise ratio. The 3 CCD’s can be simultaneously activated via software or hardware trigger via the GPIO.


The FD-1665’s dichroic prism design allows unlimited options for wavelength cutoff between 400nm-1000nm. This provides a great advantage over standard RGB 3CCD or 2CCD RGB/NIR systems in that each channel can image a different part of the Visible and NIR spectrum. 

Patented Optical 3CCD Design

The FD-1665 has a patented prism corrective optical design that corrects for spherical and chromatic aberration caused by the prism. The versatile dichroic prism design allows for unique spectral configurations with unlimited options for wavelength cutoff between 400nm-1000nm for each sensor. The FD-1665 camera features standard Nikon F-mount lenses providing a wide range of lens flexibility.


The FD-1665 is used in a wide array of applications and solutions

  • Color Reproduction
  • Document and archival imaging
  • Medical 3CCD Imaging
  • Machine Vision
  • Iris Imaging
  • Industrial Vision
  • Food Processing
  • Textiles and Plastics
  • Timber Inspection
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Counterfeit Detection
  • Defense
  • Pyrometer