Advanced Development Support

FluxData’s Advanced Systems Development Group is prepared to support the unique imaging system requirements of customers. If one of our standard configurations does not directly support customer requirements, we can work with customers to adapt our designs to meet their specific needs.

The FD-1665 is a flexible 3 sensor camera system that can be manufactured for narrow band or broad band filter coatings between 400nm-1700nm. In addition, the camera can be made with any combination of color or monochrome sensors.

Contact us for more information on custom configuration options for your application.

Example configurations:

InGaAs Shortwave 3 Sensor configurations:

  • 3 InGaAs Shortwave Infrared  (SWIR) Sensor: Consists of any 3 narrow or broadband filters  between 700-1,700nm
  • 3 InGaAs Shortwave Infrared  (SWIR)  Polarization Sensor: Consists of any 3 linear polarization angles, either broadband or at specific laser lines

High Dynamic Range (HDR) configuration:

  • High Dynamic Range (HDR): Consists of 3 color or monochrome cameras with 4-stop difference between each of the three channels(total of 12 f-stop of dynamic range) or customer specified f-stop difference. 

Other Examples:

  • Colorimetric Configuration: CIE color matching filters for color reproduction
  • Narrow band filters for spectroscopy and materials analysis and detection
  • 3 Narrow band filters between 700-980nm for pyrometry imaging
  • Combination of emission and excitation filters for fluorescence, in-vivo, medical and drug discovery imaging


FD-1665 Camera Specifications

Sensor Type See Sensor Options Table
Image Data Format Y8, Y16 (all models), RGB, YUV411, YUV422, YUV444, 8-bit and 16-bit raw Bayer data (color models)
Video Data Output 8,12,16 and 24 bit digital data
Digital Interface 3 x IEEE-1394b (9 pin) or 3 x GigE
Lens Mount Nikon F-Mount or T-Mount
Electronic Shutter Automatic / manual / one-push modes, programmable via software 0.02ms to greater than 10s
Gain Selection 0dB to 24dB in 0.04dB increments;
General Purpose I/O Ports 12-pin Hirose GPIO connector
Operating Temperature 0-40 C
Voltage Requirments 8-32V, via the IEEE-1394b interface or Hirose 12-pin GPIO connector
Power Consumption 3.5 W per channel;
Weight 1.25 kg (without lens)

FD-1665 Sensor Options

Sensor Type Sensor Size (HxV pixels) Sensor Technology Optical Size Pixel Size (microns) Max Frame Rate (at full resolution)
Sony ICX424 659x494 Progressive Scan CCD 1/3" 7.4x7.4 71
Micron MT9V022 752x480 Progressive Scan CMOS 1/3" 6.0x6.0 60
Sony ICX204 1034 x 779 Progressive Scan CCD 1/3" 4.65x4.65 20/30
Sony ICX445 1296x966 Progressive Scan CCD 1/3" 3.75x3.75 32
Sony ICX285 1392x1040 Progressive Scan CCD 2/3" 6.45x6.45 17/30
Sony ICX274 1628x1236 Progressive Scan CCD 1/1.8" 4.4x4.4 14
SUI SWIR 640 x 512 Progressive Scan CCD 2/3" 12.5x12.5 30