Single-lens 3CCD multispectral cameras in resolutions up to 2MP, frame rates of up to 120 FPS, and spectral band configurations suitable for a wide range of applications.

A powerful onboard processor and extensive connectivity options make it an ideal hub for real-time data collection and analysis for both...

3CCD video polarimeters ideal for many medical, machine vision and defense imaging applications.

Rugged, low-power imaging systems with on-board processors to make critical decisions and provide live video feeds of enhanced imagery.

The FluxData FD-3SWIR camera offers three InGaAs sensors fitted with customer specified optical filters to simultaneously capture sub-pixel aligned video through a single aperture lens.

For demanding realtime applications FluxData has created an integrated multispectral imaging system, combining the optical subassembly utilized in the FD-1665 with a PC/104...

FluxData multispectral and tactial imaging systems are now offered in various class UAV and UGV platforms.