Rochester, NY 10/1/2009 - FluxData, Inc. today introduces a 3-CCD polarization camera in a new compact form factor.

The FD-1665P is a new camera system capable of collecting video at three linear polarization orientations simultaneously. Polarimetric imaging is an active research area in medical, machine vision and defense applications. Because the polarimetric preserving and/or inducing properties of materials are often complementary to their spectral signatures, polarization provides additional information to analysts and researchers. Polarization imaging has been used to identify stress and defects in aircraft assemblies; “see” into the water column in littoral and marine applications; separate specular from diffuse reflectance for material analysis and identification; and automatically detect manmade objects in natural surroundings.

The FD-1665P is an ideal solution to address all of these areas, capturing simultaneous registered video from its three sensors, a feature not available in competing systems based on sequential switching. The optical system is based on the robust and successful FluxData FD-1665, a flexible 3-CCD camera system that can be configured with user specified filters in front of each sensor. The standard offering for the FD-1665P is 0, 45, and 90 degree linear polarization filters in front of the three RGB sensors at up to 120 frames per second. The internal configuration of the camera system allows for high data throughput and independent control of exposure, gain and frame-rate for maintaining high signal-to-noise ratios from each sensor. The 3-CCDs can be simultaneously or sequentially triggered via software or hardware. The system accepts 14mm-1500mm lenses in F-mount and t-mount styles, and includes connection points for fixed or tripod mounting.

The optical system is integrated into a redesigned, compact enclosure, measuring approximately 4.8 x 3.5 x 4.4 inches (LxWxH). The design offers direct connections to the Firewire, GPIO and power connections of each camera in an extremely small, finished package. The polarimetric optical engine is also available in an embedded configuration that combines it with a full computer and provides the user with powerful in-camera processing capabilities.

Pano Spiliotis, CEO of FluxData, Inc. states, “This is a very exciting development for FluxData and our customers. The ability to provide a new imaging modality on the existing FD-1665 optical engine compliments our growing portfolio of products and services. The unique information that is produced from polarimetric imaging is complimentary to multispectral and hyperspectral solutions for classification and detection of complex scenes.”

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