FluxData will participate for the 6th consecutive year in the upcoming SPIE DSS (Defense, -Security and Sensing) symposium from April 21 - 23 2015 at the Baltimore Convention Center in Baltimore Maryland, booth #657. SPIE DSS is the world's largest unclassified event for defense, security, and sensing applications for industry and the environment; bringing together more than 6,000 attendees.

The company will have demonstrations of their full line of tactical and research grade customizable multi-sensor, multispectral and polarization imaging systems. Operating between the visible and short-wave infrared spectrum, these systems deliver the combination of ruggedness, size, speed, and sensitivity necessary for the challenging imaging requirements of defense, security, and surveillance markets.

Intelligent SWIR

The system incorporates UTAS Sensors Unlimited InGaAs SWIR cameras with a powerful onboard processor for snapshot image and video recording, real-time processing, video compression and a multitude of connectivity and communication options in a small, rugged and low power system.

The Intelligent SWIR camera system incorporates the SUI 640x512, 25 micron InGaAs SWIR camera (SU640HSX), with the smaller GA640C and SU640CSX models available as options. The camera system comes in NIR/SWIR (700-1700nm), SWIR (900-1700nm), and Multispectral SWIR versions. The Multispectral SWIR is offered in collaboration with Ocean Thin Films PIXELTEQ and includes a pixelated filter array that allows the simultaneous acquisition of three or more standard or customized spectral bands with a single camera. This technology enables extraction of spectral information not discernable from traditional panchromatic SWIR imagery.

Intelligent LWIR/SWIR Fused Hand Held

The FluxData Fused LWIR/SWIR Handheld is equipped with two cameras for short wave infrared (SWIR) and long wave infrared (LWIR) spectral ranges. Onboard software performs the image fusion of the SWIR and LWIR. Video and images can be stored onboard or disseminated over various communication devices. This sophisticated technology solution delivers enhanced vision of a scene and can set thermal accents in SWIR video. The video is displayed on a high resolution OLED display eyepiece.


FluxData, Inc. can be found in booth number 657. If you would like to schedule a meeting with company representatives please contact us via info(at)fluxdata.com or the contact form at www.fluxdata.com.

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About FluxData, Inc.

FluxData develops and manufactures multispectral and polarimetric imaging systems for aerospace, defense, industrial, medical, and scientific markets. FluxData is a privately held, woman owned company located in Rochester, NY. FluxData’s imaging and system integration expertise helps guide customers from camera specification to delivery of the final system. Their staff of imaging experts works with customers to frame the problem and deliver an optimized system based on a broad suite of options. Every product comes with FluxData’s commitment to first-rate customer support. For more information please visit www.FluxData.com.

Contact: Pano Spiliotis, (800) 425-0176