Imagine accurate diagnoses by a doctor for a patient on a different continent. Our custom designed imaging systems will show you the details needed to determine the presence of specific skin or tissue indications, or other diseases or conditions. For doctors in the same room as their patients, we can provide information not detected by the human eye, augmenting the doctor’s view.

The most straightforward application of multispectral imaging is simply to provide improved color rendering of patients. Spectral capture techniques predict much more accurate color than traditional RGB imaging. The diagnosis of many conditions rely on a close visual inspection, including the color of the affected areas. At a very fundamental level, improved color accuracy will increase most aspects of the doctor’s experience and visual abilities.

In addition to imaging for improved color, tuned detection wavelengths can enhance the visibility of specific biochemical phenomena on or beneath the skin surface. These alternative illumination or detection wavelengths permit the discovery of conditions not visible to the unaided eye, extending the potential means for investigating and ultimately diagnosing diseases previously undetectable with traditional imaging devices.

Shape and texture can also be vital in medical investigations. After extracting spectral or customized wavelengths, we can process all our imagery to enhance certain features or shapes that will further boost the chances of a successful diagnosis.

Last, and possibly most important, these non-invasive methods pose low risk to the patient while delivering a wealth of diagnostic opportunities.


Current/Past Collaborators

  • General Electric Medical Imaging 
  • Olympus
  • Quantum Medical Technology

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