Monitoring any manufacturing process can be made more efficient with automated detection systems. Our imaging systems can verify the orientation or placement of your product, count or sort diverse items, or perform a final inspection before shipping to your customer. We can help you distinguish between products of various colors, even differences of a shade or two.

More specifically, every production facility in every industry requires some form of quality control. Several direct benefits result from increasing the level to which QC is automated. Costs can of course be reduced, but that is just the beginning. Almost any physical attribute of system components can be inspected: on an assembly line, our technology can identify objects by color, form, or position. Your systems can automatically adapt to data and increase your throughput and productivity.

In addition to product monitoring and identification, we can help with upstream production systems by enhancing real-time process controls. Using Fluxdata imaging technologies, raw materials and intermediate production steps can be verified and ready for each new assembly or processing stage.

Overall, our systems and technologies will help simplify your production management and increase efficiency in terms of yields, time of production, and consistency.

Current/Past Collaborators

  • BASF
  • Toyota

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