Food safety inspection and monitoring are just the beginning of what our multispectral imaging systems can do. With this technology we can analyze properties of food to allow selection for ripeness, sorting for size and shape, or anything that can be determined by the surface or subsurface composition of your products.

Established techniques using infrared and/or multiple narrow bands are straightforward to implement using our imaging systems. This will enable automated grading of produce for ripeness, disease, contamination, and other quality and safety metrics. The techniques can be applied in all areas of the production process, aiding in decision making for harvest, storage, shipping, sales, and even preparation. In addition to crops and produce, these systems will also be suitable for monitoring the safety of prepared products, such as frozen meals, baked foods, juices, and other downstream processed foods.

Perhaps even more critical is the verification of meat, poultry, and fish safety. Specific standards for your industry can be implemented to meet the safety needs of your products. Government requirements exist for the screening of salmonella, e. coli, fecal contamination, and more depending on your industry. We can provide complete systems to install anywhere within your production process including detection imaging, illumination, and the processing software to analyze the results.

Whatever solution we deliver, your company will experience increased productivity by way of faster inspection and verification.

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