The pressures on modern agricultural business have never been greater, in terms of maintaining high yields as well as ensuring the safety of the crop. The science and technology being applied towards both of these goals will continue to rely on more automated and remote detection systems. Our multispectral imaging systems ride the forefront of these technologies, providing the ability to bring critical and timely data, thereby enabling maximal production and safety.

Our detection systems, combining broadband visible and customized narrow-band imaging, report preventative and diagnostic information in such diverse areas as:

  • Irrigation and nutrient requirements
  • Disease detection and sorting
  • Pest detection and location
  • Prediction of crop yields
  • Harvest timing and location
  • Pre-season soil and environmental conditions

These tools can extend beyond food production, and will equally aid industries such as forestry, cotton, tobacco, and even the conditions of grazing acreage.

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